• Debt Councillors in Johannesburg, South Africa

Professional Debt Councillors in Johannesburg

Are you over-indebted? You can have us assist you with the legal process of Debt Counselling where we take control of all your debt and arrange an affordable re-payment plan that is negotiated with your creditors.  Whilst you are under Debt Review you are protected from any new legal action and judgements, as your creditors are advised that you are undergoing the process of Debt Review.  Your creditors can then contact your debt Councillor and make the necessary arrangements for repayment as per his / her recommendation as to how your debt repayments can be restructured to balance your repayment commitment with your basic living requirements.  You can not enter into new debt whilst under Debt Review and you must adhere to your payment restructure plan as agreed with and advised by your dedicated Debt Councillor that is appointed to oversee your case.

The resulting roadmap includes recommendations and a timeframe for implementation.  We answer all questions and address any concerns to generate a clear course of action.

Serving clients in Johannesburg and our surrounding community.

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